Q & A

  • What is included in my Bloggy Conference 2017 Ticket?

    This depends on when you purchase your ticket and if you are staying at a Cedar Point hotel. Special opportunities are available for a select number Super Early Bird Ticket Holders and for those staying 2 nights at a Cedar Point Hotel. Attendees of Bloggy Conference 2017 will have access to all conference sessions, events and meals. All attendees will receive passes to Cedar Point.

  • What meals are included?

    Attendees will receive 3 (three) meals.

    • Breakfast Saturday Morning - September 15, 2017
    • Lunch Saturday Afternoon - September 16, 2017
    • Breakfast Sunday Morning - September 17, 2017
    Note: Meals are for Bloggy Conference ticket holders only.

  • Do attendees get free tickets to Cedar Point?

    Yes, Bloggy Conference 2017 attendees do receive free passes to Cedar Point - good for that weekend only. There are two options for receiving Cedar Point passes while at Bloggy Conference.

    • Option 1: Attendees who stay at a Cedar Point resort for 2 (two) nights during the conference will receive up to 5 (five) passes to Cedar Point. Those passes will be good Friday, Saturday and Sunday (September 15, 2017 - September 17, 2017)
    • Option 2: Attendees who do not stay at a Cedar Point resort for 2 (two) nights during the conference will receive up to 2 (two) passes to Cedar Point. Those passes will be good Friday, Saturday and Sunday (September 15, 2016 - September 17, 2017)

  • Is there a hotel discount for Bloggy Conference 2017?

    Yes! Bloggy Conference 2017 attendees can take advantage of a discounted room rate by staying at the Cedar Point resort - Hotel Breakers. Grab discount information here. Discount Rates:

    • Standard room: RATES COMING SOON
    • Lake-view suite: RATES COMING SOON
    Note: You can stay at any Cedar Point resort to receive the 5 Cedar Point passes. Hotel Breakers is the only resort with a discount.

  • What is the cost of parking at Cedar Point/Bloggy Conference

    The daily parking fee is $15* for cars and motorcycles. For over-sized vehicles such as campers, trailers, trucks, etc., the daily parking fee is $20*. (Daily parking fees include a $.50 toll charge). *Subject to change without notice Please check the Cedar Point website - as this information can change without notice to Bloggy Conference. Cedar Point also offers Preferred Parking for $25 per car. Preferred Parking gives you the closest and most convenient location in our lot! If you are staying at a Cedar Point Resort - you will be reimbursed your $15 parking fee once you check-in to your hotel. You must provide your receipt to receive the reimbursement.

  • Who will be at Bloggy Conference?

    Bloggy Conference attendees are smart and savvy social media mavens! New to social media and the blogging world? No problem! We were all new to it at one time. Join us and mingle with top bloggers and game changers.

  • Do I need to be a mom to attend Bloggy Conference?

    No! Everyone is welcome to attend Bloggy Conference. Whether you are a beginning blogger, seasoned pro blogger, brand or media personnel... you are welcome to join us at Bloggy Conference. Registration Information Available Soon

  • Do I need to have a blog to attend Bloggy Conference?

    Though most of our attendees do own a blog or website - we do not require our attendees to have already made this step. Social media influencers, vloggers, bloggers and non-bloggers* alike are invited to join us for a fantastic time of learning, networking and fun. Those who would like to jump into blogging are welcome to attend and test out the waters of the blogosphere.

    Please note that if Bloggy Conference tickets are abused and purchased for non-bloggers, and non-social media influencers, your ticket(s) may be denied without refund.

    Examples of non-bloggers, and non-social media influencers may include but are not limited to: children, additional relatives, and those simply seeking CP park passes or access to our special events.

    *We recognize that not all social media influencers have a blog - and may have a large social presence and influence on social media networks such as YouTube.

  • Are Bloggy Conference tickets refundable?

    Unfortunately, Bloggy Conference tickets are non-refundable. They are however, transferable. If you purchase a ticket and are not able to attend, you may sell/give your ticket to someone else. Please have them send their registration information to bloggycon@bloggymoms.com so we know who to expect and can have a badge ready for them. Bloggy Conference tickets that have been denied are not eligible for transfer.

  • I am not a member of Bloggy Moms, can I still attend Bloggy Conference?

    Yes! Bloggy Conference, though presented by the Bloggy Moms community, is meant for everyone -- those interested in social media and those who are fascinated with social media!

  • I'm a male/dad, can I attend Bloggy Conference?

    Absolutely! We would love to have you at Bloggy Conference. All niches of social media and the blogosphere are welcome to join us.

  • Can I bring my baby to Bloggy Conference?

    Yes! Infants are welcome during conference sessions.

  • Can I volunteer at Bloggy Conference?

    Bloggy Conference will not be in need of volunteers in 2017.

  • Can my brand sponsor Bloggy Conference?

    We welcome brands at Bloggy Conference! You can contact tiffany@bloggymoms.com to receive a media kit.

  • What are the dates for Bloggy Conference 2017?

    Bloggy Conference is September 15 - 17, 2017

  • Where will Bloggy Conference 2017 be held?

    Bloggy Conference 2017 will be held at and co-hosted by Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

  • What is the difference between a Business Class Tickets and Blogger Ticket?

    • A Business Class Ticket is for brands who will be attending Bloggy Con but not sponsoring the conference.
    • A Blogger Ticket is a general conference pass intended for bloggers.

  • I'm a Bloggy Con Affiliate - can I purchase a ticket from my link?

    No. Bloggy Conference Affiliates are not permitted to make purchases through their affiliate links. If this happens, the affiliate commission will be void. Any affiliates who purchase from their affiliate link will forfeit their affiliate sales.

  • Can I video/record sessions at Bloggy Conference?

    No. Recording of Bloggy Conference 2017 sessions is prohibited unless you receive prior written consent from Bloggy Conference

  • When can I check in/check out of Hotel Breakers?

    In years past, Bloggy Conference attendees have been able to check into Hotel Breakers at 2:00pm on Friday. We will update once we can confirm the same for 2017.

    In years past, Bloggy Conference attendees have been able to acquire a late check out of Hotel Breakers at 12:00pm on Sunday. We will update once we can confirm the same for 2017.

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