Fahima Marissa Anwar


Topic: Why the Number of Followers is a Thing of the Past

Fahima Marissa is a marketing and branding expert and a travel blogger. She has led multi-national campaigns for UN agencies, tech and lifestyle brands, and credit card companies. Her work can be seen on BBC, CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue (yep!), Cosmopolitan among various others. She is also the founder of Canada’s largest influencer conference, as well as leading influencer marketing at dubdub, a video monetization platform based in Toronto and NYC.

This session will focus on sharing what brands are looking for as they move away from reach/broadcast model, and move into allocating budgets in a cost per engagement model.

For Industry Professionals:

  • How to vet and build campaigns based on your goals
  • How to spot genuine engagement vs artificially inflated stats
  • What KPIs are worth focusing on

For Content Creators:

  • What to focus on when communicating with brands for potential campaigns
  • Why your engagements within your niche is so important
  • What departments have the budgets and how to create win-win partnerships
Join Fahima Marissa as she covers Numbers and Engagement in Social Media.

Eventbrite - Bloggy Conference 2017