Affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your blog and social media presence. Various sessions at Bloggy Conference 2017 will focus on social media monetization and how you can earn from your blog and presence – what better way to earn than through the conference itself!

Quick Facts:

  • Affiliates will earn $10 per ticket sale they generate.
  • It only takes 11 sales to pay for your SUPER Early Bird Bloggy Conference 2017 ticket!
  • Affiliate resources will continue to be updated here.
  • Sing up here to become a Bloggy Conference 2017 affiliate.
  • Payments will be made to affiliates in October 2017.
Through our affiliate program on Eventbrite you will be able to create your affiliate link and track your performance.
Ready to get started? Hop over here to sign up and grab your affiliate link!
Note: As with most affiliate programs, affiliates are not permitted to purchase through their affiliate links. Any purchases made through their own links will be void and they will forfeit that commission.