Official Bloggy Conference Sponsor Policy

Bloggy Conference is a friendly and cozy event supported by our sponsors and attendees. Much effort is put into creating a unique conference experience that helps you to grow your community and develop your social media knowledge as well as provide an exclusive opportunity for our sponsors to get to know you on a first-name basis.

Our sponsors are carefully selected and have proven track records for supporting social media and place a great deal of value in the blogging community. The Bloggy Conference sponsors have earned the right to properly represent themselves via the sponsor hall and sponsored suites. Please respect their hard work, their space, the conference, and other attendees.

If you would like to become an official Bloggy Conference Sponsor and/or host a sponsored suite, please contact us at

Attendee Sponsorship Policy

Above all, we want our attendees and sponsors to have a fantastic time! We understand that the cost to attend a conference can be quite large. Imagine what the cost is to actually host the conference! The venue, the meals, the equipment, swag bags, programs, printing materials, receptions and supplies – and the list goes on without seeming to end!

Without our sponsors, the price for a Bloggy Conference ticket would be outrageous. We also know that our attendees may rely on their own personal sponsorship in order to get to attend the event. While we fully support attendee sponsorship – there must also be guidelines to protect our sponsors and the amount of money they have placed into the conference. We work very hard throughout the year to secure sponsors so that your ticket is much more affordable.  Please do not approach conference sponsors for personal sponsorship to Bloggy Conference.  They have already committed to sponsoring the event on a different scale – perhaps you can work with them at a different event.

The following guidelines apply to attendees with personal sponsorship and to employees of brands who have registered as an attendee and not become an official Bloggy Conference Sponsor.

What you can not do.

{1} Attendees may not pass out, distribute, set up, or display in any way materials {brochures, samples, business cards} on behalf of a company that is not an official Bloggy Conference Sponsor.

{2} Attendees may not hold parties {any type of function, event, sponsored suite} on behalf of personal sponsors. No event will be permitted in the conference venue without prior written approval from Bloggy Conference.

{3} Businesses and brands that are not official Bloggy Conference sponsors are not entitled to benefits that the official Bloggy Conference sponsors receive. This includes space in the sponsor hall, vendor tables, signage, sponsored suites, and sessions or visibility in the conference area. Conference area includes the venue where the conference is held and surrounding hotels. The official Bloggy Conference Sponsors are entitled to the benefits listed in their chosen sponsorship package and contract – which may include an exclusivity clause.

{4} Attendees will not be permitted to solicit business in the conference area.

{5} Suitcasing and Outboarding are strictly prohibited.

Attendees found to be in violation of any part of this policy will have their conference pass revoked without warning. The business that sponsored attendees in violation of this policy may be billed the equivalent of the official sponsorship based on the visibility and marketing they received.

What you can do.

{1} Attendees may wear clothing branded on behalf of their sponsor.  Over-the-top sponsored/branded attire should be left at home.  Branded attire should remain subtle.

{2} Attendees may carry bags {laptop/iPad case, totes, purse, etc…} branded on behalf of their sponsor.

{3} Attendees may have customized laptop skins displaying branding on behalf of their sponsor.

{4} Attendees may hand out their own business cards.

{5} Attendees can offer ad space on their blogs/sites.

{6} Attendees can offer blog posts or a series of blog posts about their personal sponsor.

{7} Attendees business cards can mention their sponsoring brand – but the business card must be clearly promoting the attendee and not the brand.

{8} Attendee may offer consulting services to their sponsoring brand.

{9} Attendee may offer to write a series of posts for their sponsoring brand’s website.

{10} Attendee may offer to mention their sponsoring brand in posts written about Bloggy Conference.

{11} Attendees may network and are not prohibited from mentioning their sponsoring brand. However, it behooves the attendee to not get aggressive when mentioning their sponsor. Aggressive behavior will turn off and turn away those you are trying to network with.

{12} Attendees may send out timely tweets about their sponsor to Bloggy Conference.

Questions, comments, suggestions or concerns about Bloggy Conference? We would love to hear from you! Contact Us.