Bloggy Conference prides itself on being an upbeat community and event for social influencers. With this in mind, that same vision is expected of our attendees.

  • Regardless of where a Bloggy Conference event may be held, we are the guests – the property and venues are not owned by the conference or attendees. Bloggy Conference attendees are expected to maintain a high level of respect for the property and personnel of our host venue.
  • Attendees are expected to be kind, and courteous to all other attendees and those that may be helping with the event in any capacity. Attendees displaying rude, loud, unprofessional, and discourteous behavior will be asked to leave and no refund of any type will be issued.
  • Attendees demanding that our host or sponsors bestow special privileges, allowances, or gifts will have their conference ticket revoked without refund.
  • All attendees, speakers, and sponsors are held to the same time restrictions when it comes to the various deadlines for hotel discounts, gift cards, added gifts and considerations. No attendee, speaker, or sponsor will be allowed to demand special treatment in any area – and specifically those.
  • The Bloggy Conference Code of Conduct is not limited to the event itself – but extends to social media, electronic communication – including email – and other forms of online activity.

If at any time these issues become a problem, the event will be canceled indefinitely as that is not the type of event to be desired.

This Code of Conduct will be enforced with a smile.

This Code of Conduct can be updated at any time, without notice.