Sponsor Speakers

We invite our sponsors to submit speaker proposals for Bloggy Conference 2019. Join influencers and sponsors as we explore the business of social media.

We invite presentations and panel discussions that share expertise and insights into the very important and complex world of blogging and social media marketing. We welcome proposals from sponsoring brands and influencers alike.

Proposal Selection

Presentation proposals will be selected based on suitability and significance of topic as well as indications that the presentation will be organized and well prepared. We will also consider balance in the range of topics, level of expertise and the interests covered.

Proposals should contain:

    • Presentation Title
    • Presentation Abstract
    • Name of person(s) presenting.
    • Provide reasons why your topic should be a benefit to Bloggy Conference attendees.
    • Advise if a demonstration will be provided and, if so, provide details of any special equipment needed to support your presentation or demonstration
    • List any other conferences where this material has been presented or will be submitted

Please note that we will not be entertaining presentations that do not have a social media focus or application. Examples of social media focused topics:

      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Pinterest
      • Google+
      • Instagram
      • Affiliate Earning/Marketing
      • Speaking
      • Working with Brands
      • Monetizing Social Media/Your Blog
      • FTC Regulations
      • Law
      • Travel Blogging
      • Taxes Related to Blogging/Social Media
      • Content Creation
      • Content Marketing
      • SEO
      • Marketing
      • Review Blogging
      • YouTube
      • Podcasting

Your topic may include how attendees can benefit from utilizing your brand/service.  We are looking forward to hearing from all the creative, informational, invigorating, and talented individuals who are willing to inspire our attendees to walk away from this conference with an extraordinary wealth of knowledge. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at media@bloggymoms.com

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